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Fairytale of Kyrgyzstan

Admire the beautiful views of our wonderful country, you will be surrounded on one side by high mountains, on the other side by a blue lake.

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2 people1573 USD108537 KGS
3 people1901 USD131169 KGS
4 people2234 USD154146 KGS
5 people2586 USD178434 KGS
6 people2886 USD199134 KGS
7 people3402 USD234738 KGS

Speaking about the sights of Kyrgyzstan, it is impossible not to tell about the beautiful majestic country of Tien Shan (Celestial Mountains). The greater part of the grandiose mountain system is located in the western part of Kyrgysztan, the other part is on Chinese territory. Most of the Tien-Shan massifs have a so-called alpine relief – alternating beautiful peaks-peaks and sharp ridges, but there are also many mountain plateaus.

The jewel of Kyrgyzstan is the lake with the purest water, the famous Issyk-Kul for the whole world. Located between the picturesque northern Tien-Shan ridges at an altitude of 1609 m above sea level. About 80 mountain rivers flow into this pond. Issyk-Kul is called the Kyrgyz Baikal for the extraordinary transparency of the water. The lake does not freeze, even in the winter months

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The price includes
  • Transport to and from the planned attractions
  • Accommodation in yurts and tents (Tamga)
  • Accommodation and meals for staff
  • 3 fresh meals a day throughout the tour
  • Guide + English translator
  • Mountain cook
  • Porter
  • Mountain kitchen equipment
  • Fee for the Karakol National Park
The tour price is not included
  • Accommodation in Karakol
  • Transportation from Karakol to Bishkek, from Bishkek to Karakol
  • Single room in guest houses
  • Transportation to attractions not included in the tour
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Bottled water during a hike
  • Flights to and from the country
  • The cost of a visa (for countries that do not offer free visas)

Tour program

Simplification of the visa schedule in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan has substantially simplified visa policy, and to date visa-free entry into this country is valid for citizens of more than 70 countries. For citizens of Russia and Country by independent states and the most countries of Europe and foreign countries, a visa is not needed in Kyrgyzstan. More details about the visa of Kyrgyzstan, and the rules for staying on the territory of Kyrgyzstan is here. It is necessary to have an international passport with period of at least 6 months on the date of the end of the tour to enter Kyrgyzstan. Citizens of Russia can enter to the territory of Kyrgyzstan on an internal passport.
It is necessarary to prepare before departure from the Motherland medical insurance in an amount not less than 10,000-15,000 dollars. To insure yourself is important and necessary. Also please note that for the timely processing of some documents you may need a scanned copy of your passport, which should be sent to us no later than 1.5 months before arrival.

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