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Golden Source of Kyrgyzstan

Altyn-Arashan is a romantic place and young couples are especially recommended here, as one of the thermal springs is laid out in the form of a heart. Come and admire the beauty of nature.

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A special glory from time immemorial goes about Altyn-Arashan. One of the legends tells, for example, that in Altyn-Arashan the fierce conqueror Timur cured his lame leg for some time …

That’s what the ancient belief tells about his education: Even the moon was eclipsed by Tolgon-Ai, the daughter of a shepherd from the Bugu family. Many dzhigits sought her hand. But her girlfriend gave her heart forever to the brave but poor batyr Yusup. The young man and the girl swore in eternal love. Once Yusup went to war with the enemies and died the hero’s death. Like a flock of locusts, surrounded by a grief-stricken bride the sons of the rich, they called her into their luxurious yurts, laid countless gifts at their feet. But Tolgon-Ay did not accept them, rejected all the pretenders in the name of great love. “It is better to die than to be a wife of the unloved!” – she exclaimed. The girl spread the rocks and entered the formed passage, and the cliffs closed, hiding Tolgon-Ay from people’s eyes. And only the hot tears of the girl leaked through the rocks, and formed a non-cooling source, and the beauty of the girl embodied in flowers that never fade …

Altyn-Arashan (Golden Spring) is located in the Alpine valley, as if descended from an art postcard.

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  • Breakfast + dinner
  • Fee for the park "Karakol"
  • Transport to the start and end points
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  • Food, cook

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Simplification of the visa schedule in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan has substantially simplified visa policy, and to date visa-free entry into this country is valid for citizens of more than 70 countries. For citizens of Russia and Country by independent states and the most countries of Europe and foreign countries, a visa is not needed in Kyrgyzstan. More details about the visa of Kyrgyzstan, and the rules for staying on the territory of Kyrgyzstan is here. It is necessary to have an international passport with period of at least 6 months on the date of the end of the tour to enter Kyrgyzstan. Citizens of Russia can enter to the territory of Kyrgyzstan on an internal passport.
It is necessarary to prepare before departure from the Motherland medical insurance in an amount not less than 10,000-15,000 dollars. To insure yourself is important and necessary. Also please note that for the timely processing of some documents you may need a scanned copy of your passport, which should be sent to us no later than 1.5 months before arrival.

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