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Pearl of Kyrgyzstan

Such beautiful and picturesque places you have not seen anywhere else. Come and admire at this fascinating view of the lake, framed by hilly mountains. Tour around the lake Issyk-Kul is a favorite place for tourists who love convenient and safety.

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And so, why do we offer you a tour around the Issyk-Kul Lake? Because,the lake Issyk-Kul is the most beautiful and large lake in Kyrgyzstan and throughout Central Asia. This amazing lake is on the list of twenty-five largest lakes in the world in terms of area, and in depth it occupies an honorable seventh place in the list.

It is the “Pearl of Kyrgyzstan” because of its extraordinary beauty. This is the most clear lake, which changes its color in bright sun from light blue to dark blue shades.

Lake Issyk-Kul is among the deepest mountain lakes in the world. In Russian, Issyk-Kul translates as “Hot Lake”. It does not freeze even in the coldest winter weather, because of the great depth the water can not completely cool.

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  • Mineral water for every day of the tour
  • Memorable souvenirs
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The legend of the Issyk-Kul lake


In ancient times, at the place where the high mountain lake is now splashing, there was a big and beautiful city. Once there was a great disaster – a strong earthquake, not sparing any structure, no people. The earth sank, and the formed basin filled with water. On the place of the city a lake was formed.
It so happened that on the eve of a terrible earthquake, a group of young girls left the city to the mountains to collect firewood for firewood. Only these girls were survived. Every morning they began to come to the lake, weep bitterly, and could not reconcile themselves with the loss of their loved ones. Sitting on the shore, they poured bitter tears that fell into the waters of the lake. So many tears were shed that the lake became bitter-salty. Old people say that the lake was buried many human destinies. The bitterness and sadness of those girls was subsequently reflected in the name of the lake – Issyk – hot (like tears).
Aksakals – elderly respected people – believe that the nature of the lake is similar to the mood of those mourning girls: it is sometimes silvery-gray stormy, roaring, then quiet and thoughtful, mesmerizing you with itsclearlyt waters of sapphire.

Kul is a lake in the Kyrgyz language.

Tour program

Simplification of the visa schedule in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan has substantially simplified visa policy, and to date visa-free entry into this country is valid for citizens of more than 70 countries. For citizens of Russia and Country by independent states and the most countries of Europe and foreign countries, a visa is not needed in Kyrgyzstan. More details about the visa of Kyrgyzstan, and the rules for staying on the territory of Kyrgyzstan is here. It is necessary to have an international passport with period of at least 6 months on the date of the end of the tour to enter Kyrgyzstan. Citizens of Russia can enter to the territory of Kyrgyzstan on an internal passport.
It is necessarary to prepare before departure from the Motherland medical insurance in an amount not less than 10,000-15,000 dollars. To insure yourself is important and necessary. Also please note that for the timely processing of some documents you may need a scanned copy of your passport, which should be sent to us no later than 1.5 months before arrival.

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